Drone mapping and photogrammetry

Map large areas of land quickly, safely and without disruption!

Discover the Power of Aerial Insight for Your Projects

Unmatched Mapping & Photogrammetry Solutions

Let us transform the way you view and interact with your world. Our state-of-the-art drone mapping and photogrammetry services provide unparalleled aerial insights, offering detailed, accurate, and actionable data for a wide range of applications.

Ideal for land before, during or after development, existing sites for up-to-date aerial images, or landowners to help manage and understand their land.

Drone Mapping can give you...

High resolution orthomosaic images

Easy to understand annotations

Terrain height/elevation visualisations

Fast, accurate calculations of distance, area height difference and volumetric calculations

Easy to follow progress updates with timelines.

Online link to view 2D and 3D maps, and tools for your own measurements

How does it work?

The area to be mapped is programmed into the drone flight software, and the drone automatically captures data for either 2D or 2D & 3D reconstruction. 3D reconstructions require more thorough data capture.

The images are then processed by photogrammetry software, and the results are usually available the same day or following day.

Professional results every time

Precise results

Trust Aerial Imaging to get you the results you need

High quality content

Site surveys created using photogrammetry

*Aerial Imaging South East is not a surveying specialist

Safety First

Using my own CSCS cards and PPE allows basic access to most sites following an induction

Case study

FM Conway

Aerial Photography in Medway

FM Conway has been using drone technology to carry out aerial photography and monthly site surveys at one of our sites in Medway to showcase how we are improving efficiency and accuracy across our projects

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