Thermal imaging for Pet Boarding Business

Now Boarding Medway runs a small pet hotel, looking after pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises and other small reptiles.

The hotel is a specially modified garden workshop, which has insulated walls and roof, and a full split system air conditioner, which also acts as a heat pump in winter.

The rising costs of electricity was having a real effect on the bottom line of the business, so the owners wanted to know where heat was being lost so improvements could be made.

The thermal imaging drone was flown outside the hotel, and hand-held inside the hotel, and dozens of radiometric thermal images were recorded.

The findings were as that the walls and roof area were doing a fairly good job of insulating the hotel, but as can be seen, lots of heat was being lost through the single pane windows and the double doors, which only had a sheet of plywood on the inside. Heat also seemed to be escaping from under the building.

The readings images from inside the hotel confirmed the initial assessment, with the doors and windows being much cooler, and the floor was much cooler than the ambient temperature of the building.

Following the thermal inspections, the owners have installed removable perspex lining on the interior of the windows, has installed some expanded polystyrene insulation sheet in the cavity inside the double doors, and is looking into thermally insulated floor coverings to help reduce the heat loss through the floor.

Although the first changes have only recently been made, the building is feeling warmer inside and is requiring less energy to keep warm. Once the flooring has been upgraded, we will revisit to take new images and see firsthand how the targeted improvements have helped!